2014_01_06  Got a phone call on Saturday and a parcel today

First my Brass N Class has arrived and is just waiting on a sound install


The Parcel from SDS Thanks Steve :D

First for the year, and I think 2014 is looking good for most of us :)

Tony's T335 was brought up to collect the new wagons, so we shunted the first half into the train to see some comparisons.

T335 ready to depart for Bullarto, however the Engineers had a problem with the unpacking as the crane needed some attention. (funny thing, you accept the weathering on the T, and hate the dust on the van roof)

 U1621, fresh out of the shops with steel doors fitted

As the crane swings across....   ;)
 Nice crisp detail and KD #5 by the looks?

Took the opportunity to take this shot when the clutch on the cranes cable drum slipped and gently laid this one on its side (and I have no explanation how the next picture happened, none at all :D )

A shot from the crane.

1473 fitted wooden louvre doors.

 1473 coupled to 1053  Picture demonstrates the incorrect coupling height we all knew about but for some reason accepted, and it took 5 years of production before Auscision acknowledged and fixed the problem. Also note the head size as a comparison.

SDS have produced a nice van, haven't they?  :)

Rod Young