2013 August 10

2013 August 10  Saturday cloudy but Sun is warm when its out. The ground is very wet still, and I just turned the heater off at 1.pm.

Well the Walker 280 arrived these last few days, my bank balance suffered a hit from Trainorama on the 8th, for the remainder of the GM payment, but I have not yet got my parcel.

The last few days have been bedlam as I tidy up the shed and try to get something running by Wednesday night.
Because the Club rooms will not be assessable account the Caravan and Camper Show is occupying the Show grounds for the next 10 days, and I opened my trap and invited the Club to my place for Club night on Wednesday.

The droppers are all in place, just need to join them in, all 127 pairs, to the DCC main.
The two temporary Control Panels are built, and I need them to work because I am using servo motors to switch the points. These are DCC controlled, however push buttons are also provided. The wiring provided is much too short and I have lengthened them by adding similar wire in the middle.  So now I must mount the point machines and join up the plug in lengthened cables

Next job will be to put in the  remaining BG tracks, and wire them in as well.

Ah well it is not going to get finished, is it?  But when I do take some photographs, I am sure you will all notice the difference :D

Oh now I have visitors dropping in on their way to Sydney. Staying the night so thats Sunday gone too.
This morning has not been model train beneficial to me either, as I am baby sitting my beautiful Grand Daughter whilst her Dad is cutting up fire wood. He is late and still I am not into the Train Room, visitors arriving in an hour or two :(