2017 _05_05 more on the mountain and wiring........

2017_05_05 Graeme sculpts his foam some more and I continue to search for the bad wiring 💣

The shape is glued in place
Now the rock molds need to be cut into walls.

I like the Woodland Scenics plaster side walls, together with the tunnel mouth and interior which are Graeme's own design and build.

Just need to cut away some foam to inset rock molds.

Paint the walls ?

rolled top coat over the undercoat and it blended in perfectly.

Painted same as other walls Looks pretty good to me.

Wiring is still giving me problems. The fault is obviously a bad connection and I spent a few hours going through the wiring under Kilmore East and along the wall to the silo siding.

Just before I gave up, I tested the wiring once more by plugging in a feed and got the short, however I noticed that the point motors could be heard for a second operating.
I then noticed when I started checking the point motor connections, I could stop the short by wriggling the wires. I cut the power feeds to the tortoise switch that feed the frog as the point operates, because the red and black wires were  transposed and because the wires were bundled together with like track feeds, I do believe it may be a simple wrong wire on the tortoise This was exasperated by the loose connection I found when I moved the wires with my hand in close proximity and caused the short to stop shorting and start up again. I will find out tomorrow if I am right. This point motor had no shrink tubing on the terminals, so I will go round the layout ensuring all terminals are so protected.. Fingers crossed? Hope this brings an end to this wiring fiasco :(