2019_10_05 Point Control video

 Had a bit of a search to find all the Tam Valley stuff I have purchased over the years. Sorted them out into two plastic boxes.

 After an inventory was taken, i was surprised when I discovered just how much stuff I had in stock.

 And so I created a temporary control panel and started installing the point controllers.
These controllers can be programmed to operate on DCC using the throttle (switch position) or computer operated or these push buttons and all together.

The back of the switch has a servo connection, a run/align position and can be locked when set up.

 The Lock pins are next to the plug carrying powr to and from the servo point motors.

Starting to install Albury Station and Yard

And so Al gets back to Albury. This job has been waiting for him for over a year. Not only does he like laying track, I like the results as well. He has become a real expert and all his track is excellent. So why not wait for him :D

 From the South BG and SG arrive over the Murray River and separate before entering the station.
Main feature is the 3 way point accessing platform, Through Road and Runaround.

 But first of all I had to clean down the benches and the floor.

 It wasn't long before Al had moved 4 meters down the yard, as I prepared the platforms and started to arrange the BG track spacing's.

He is pretty good, don't you think?

 Need to set platforms in place to fix BG track down. Point marks out where BG runaround exits.

To be continued......

2019_10_05 Tam Valley Point controllers

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