2015_12_17 Nice weather :D

2015_12_17 Fitting Sound continues

Followed Mikes advice and removed the troublesome filters from the L Class light board.
 A five minute job for most, but my skills in soldering as bad as they are, meant I had to be extra careful with the iron, so as not to damage the body or the board. Ended up taking out all four components and soldering back in links. You need the L links because the motor will not turn without them in place

Mike said

"I believe it may be worth doing a modification to the motherboard in the SRM L class. Remove the dynamic brake blister.
The RFI circuit may need removal as some models don't seem to run too well; some other models are fine. I think it comes down to the particular model and layout also.
1. Remove D1 & C12. Just snip them out with some Xuron orange track cutters. See if this improves operation.
If not,
2. Remove the Inductors L1 & L2 from the mother board, after removing the decoder and pulling out the soldering iron. Only do this mod if you're confident not to melt the body. Pull the decoder up and away from the motherboard. careful to pull is straight up so as not to bend the pins.
3. Then bridge across each inductor pad as the inductor was wired in series with each motor wire. Is use a small (5mm long) piece of resistor wire so power can get through to the motor terminals."

Kind regards"

I then fitted Mikes X Class (Late version) Loksound 4 decoders to my three Auscision Series 1 - X Class. Mike will upgrade the chips for me in 2016, when he finishes off the X Class sound set.

I then ,finally reassembled the last B Class (Bugger that took a long time) :(

Now I have two 48 Class to finish and an 830.

Then 4 G Class and three 81 Class,to finish.

After that I will build two new plaster walls on the west side of the shed to insulate the afternoon sun, and start the new bench work for the NSW side of my layout.

Ordered all the material today, and hope to get it tomorrow.

Then I need to decide what to do with the back ground sheets, which is turning into a disaster.

Merry Christmas from my house to yours :D



Thanks James for your interest and your help. I am going to install your sounds into another X37-44 series I have {in an orange box) that needs sound.as I have a spare Loksound with 8 pin plug fitted that I can use.

 Let you know how it goes :)

( Mike Walters

DCCSound team - Australia
Authorised ESU dealer

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