2016_05_14 More Back Scenes!

2016_05_14 Graeme must be a masochist ;)

At about 9.30 he is banging on the door again and so we had our wake up coffee. Retired folk don't need to get up at these early hours do we?
Ha Ha I was ready for him, actually and already had  removed the sheets and started to remove the glue of the wall.
We found some sugar soap and scrubbed it clean and I used a dry cloth to rub the rubber of the sheets. They came up very well, with only one small tear.
Some pictures  just after dark that night follow.

This was taken with flash, and so at first look, we might have done it?

Some of the original creases have reappeared :(
But we were worried about them from the start, and so no real surprise. I think a new sheet might go on far better than these sheets that have already been pulled off the wall.

So I heated up the paper with a hand held heat gun, and all of the creases disappeared as before and the glue seemed to be still sticky, so I rolled them flat once more, and sprayed the whole sheet with clear matt medium to see if I could stiffen it up . It appeared to work

Rolled flat painted with clear matt (and no flash this time!)
I guess if it sets like this we will have achieved our goal?