2016_12_13 Temp Control?

2016_12_13  Well it is hanging on 36C today!

The job is to install 5 point motors!
The outside temp was 32C at 2.00pm when we returned from shopping. That was 24.5C in house and 24C in the shed. Over the next 3 hours outside reached 36C and inside house 30.3C
But the shed remained at 24C Humidity (because of the swampy) about 43%

This is great news. The West wall was so hot on the outside, I could not leave my hand on it. This is what the inside of that brick wall was like last year and the swampy (Water cooled air conditioner) just could not hold the temperature down below 30C.
Its still early days. Trying to cool the building down after 20 days of near 40C might be out of the question.
But at least for now, I know the new internal wall appears to be insulating the West wall and hopefully keep my cool this summer.