2015_02_15 Rained yesterday
Very Humid today.
At 8.30 am I had breakfast whilst checking my mail and my groups. At 1830 I went for dinner with the family and nothing got done.
The work bench was all set up for sound installs. Two pristine C Class were ready to start!
5 Auscision A and B Class were laid out, stripped ready to file and fit speakers.
And if that was not enough a heap of T's Y's and X's were in need of.... eh? mo...sound ;)

But nothing much happened :(

My sugars are rising and yesterday I did walk nearly 6 km with two serious "gasping" hills along the way. It was 7.00 in the morning when I left and I did beat the rain. Along the way I found lots of blue gum trees in our area. As you would have noticed, I did not think we had any around here.
In fact about one in 10 are blue. Fancy that?  But stand back and take a group shot (tree groupie?) and they all look decidedly green.
So I learned something. The main thing for me, though is railway lines in the North East do look as if they have green gum trees :D
Rod Young