2015_07_20  Brrrrr!!  starry skies new moon, bright planets hanging below. Was -2.5 C and frosty this morning. Going to be coler tonight I suspect Brrrrr!!

Just went to the shed to take a few pictures. Its 4C outside and 3C in the shed!

Here's a picture story!
Got sound into my first P Class and went to test it, but as luck will have it I got a lemon. Very unusual, now after fitting sound I got to hope Auscision will give me a new bogie to save all that work :)  I am sure they will.

Speaker in place sealed with KrystalKleer and then boxed in with thin (1.5mm thick) styrene also fixed with KK to side of housing. The styrene actually sits flush with the side of the loco which fits to the chassis as easily as it did before the baffle was fitted. Still a gap at top where wiring went in, and a bit of blutac filled that in nicely

Unfortunately the bogie shown here has a lifted wheel (closest) and it does not want to sit down. Will ask if I can pull it apart or if I can have a spare bogie, can't return it after all my work fitting sound, can I? :)

I also dragged South Grafton out of storage and started to sort out where the shed and coaling stage will sit. Need to make a few adjustments to fit both the Coal Stage and the new Engine Shed. Think I better weather it as an old shed. Definitely too bright and shiny for a 70's working shed.

Sitting where it is, I have five roads pretty much in the right place The sixth road furthest from camera is ok for clearance, but the road and pit closest to camera outside shed, will have to be removed 

Bit of fill around the back of shed and Bob's your Uncle!

 Now the Victorian shed that I am going to install in my version of Wodonga is just about perfect :) What do you all think?  I think Stuart deserves a 10, and your business as well ;)

Stuart you are a wizard and I am so thankful that I found you and that I have this stuff. Without you I would be just too far, from finishing this and getting some fun out of it, before my time is up. At least now I have a chance.

Thinking this way, and carrying the theme a little bit further?    I got to thank Auscision, Austrains, Trainorama, SEM, AR, Graeme Hawken, Steve Munro, Roger Lloyd, Brian Chester Johnny Humphreys, John Gilbert, Paul Hawdon,Tony K, and all the people at Hobsons Bay who helped me get so much fun out of this hobby. Thank You All of you especially the ones I missed!
Rod Young

Model Train Buildings


2015_07_11 Stawell

Had a very pleasant drive with Tony from Bendigo to Stawell. Navman took us the shortest route and we traveled on mainly good rural roads and saw perhaps 5 other cars the whole way once we left Bendigo.  Came home the quickest route via main roads and again time was about the same, roads good and traffic minimal. Finished up headed home after a short stay in Bendigo, as Tony was thinking about traveling down to Diamond Valley early for Sunday.

Asks my good friend Brian Chester to help my other good friend Graeme out as we had a Trainbuilder problem. Although Bruce could have sent the model back to China, we decided on a quick fix there and now, which Brian was more than happy to do for us.
Rather than supaglue it, Brian spent an hour and a half scraping all the super glue off so he could low melt solder it back together. I am talking about the Derm bogies that simply fell apart whilst we all tried to fix up a wiring problem.  Thankyou Brian.
And Graeme, Brian is telling you here "You owe me big Time Mister!"

 The shirt says it all :D