2014_12_24 Its Christmas :D

 2014_12_24 Christmas Eve
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

My Wife came from Finland and apart from Vodka and Beer they loved their Christmas on Christmas Eve.

Here two generations celebrate their own way :D

Tess is getting a little worried because the shadows are getting longer, and Santa has not yet arrived.

Some of the older kids are not so worried, each trying to outdo the adults with death defying feats of high jumping.

And even more waiting!

Finally lights and sirens are heard as a late Santa arrives in the Yackandandah Fire Stations Big Pumper! All the kids scampered up into the cab to check out the pre... eh the truck.

Finally everybody retired to the lawn where the next several hours were much enjoyed by the kids opening presents with the Adults looking on. We much enjoy this little bit of family tradition, and the vodka must have caught up, because I never got a picture :(

Well Christmas Dinner was next on the agenda.

Here Billy sits beside Riitta. Well its her Christmas tea shirt and it is placed over the chair she always sat on, when she was still with us. Sort of hope she still comes along all these years since breast cancer took her away from us.

On the Model Train front?

Now that all the gremlins have been found and sorted, trains can circulate the layout, even if SG freights do have to run through Trentham   eeek!! Bit rough!!
So a lot of train running and little work, other than fixing up problems as they are found.

One set of points not switching the frog here, so I will need to put another mono frog juicer in.

A week before Christmas, Graeme Schulz arrived with his spatulas and we decided to play around with some scenery.
This is an artist paper mache plaster mix we were put on to. Its mixed into a ice cream container with water and plastic paint to colour like dirt.And Cement colours sprinkled on top.to simulate dirt. Woodland Scenic's greens for effect. Hard shell hard to chip, yet still easy enough to cut out and fix problems, should they occur.

After Graeme left I decided how I was going to fix the causeway bridge and splice in the new section I got on E-Bay. I did most of the work gluing in new bridge girders under the rails.

The new bridge over the creek has a trestle support next to the far abutment, which has to be removed and put at the other (far) end.
Then it will look like the trestle was built at two different times. Perhaps fixing a wash a way?

Anyway that's about all I have done:)
Till next time,
Rod Young