2018_09_10 (forgotten pics from 2018_08_18)

 2018_09_10 (2018_08_18)
Trainbuilder Brass Bogies

Insulating brass bogies and fitting pick ups (Harris car lighting)

Replace brass plate with styrene plate. Bogie held apart by cast bolster.

This is how it left factory

Connect bogie with 2mm nylon screws
Noticed that it is difficult to align side frames, but discovered after pic was taken, that I can glue top plate on with frames squared.
I have some Blacksmith brand phosphor wipers that will be held in place by nylon screws. I put them in a safe place........
I guess I will continue when I remember where that is :(



2018_09_08-Dragged out of sick bed to do some scenery.....

2018_09_08  adding to Allansvale.

Graeme arrived this morning, and got me out of bed to work on scenery. Thank God for that as I was drowning in a lethargic mood, and needed to get back into it.
Had a cateract removed and a replacement lenses with a second one to be done next week. Already my long distance vision is clear. But as I do a fair bit of night driving, I elected to forgo the multi focal lenses and use glasses for close up work. Enough of that.

Graeme is a bit of a genius, and look what we changed here, and see how well we changed this scene.

 The Apex corner.

We blocked out the facia about 70mm which allowed the embankment on edge. looks good, I think

Thank you Graeme, my wounds are healing, and after I returned to shed, I covered the repaired eye and found I could actually use the screw driver once again Ha Ha.