2019_04_26 Please Help!

2019_04_26   Missing Tool (Thief?) Gremlin noticed to be in or about Yackandandah!

Note!!  This is not one of the two missing packets....  This one was pictured after a 40 km round trip to replace the missing items. Could everybody take a look outside and see if either the theft gremlin or the stolen items are close by?

They were last seen in a flimsy plastic bag after emptying all other items. When I went to put them away they had vanished from the face of this known universe.

Was it my imagination or not? Are they under the seat of the car?  Did I indeed buy them?  Perhaps the receipt was wrong and I never bought them at all?    Or that rascally gremlin indeed paid me a visit on Thursday? Maybe I am the victim of a eh?...  stick up?

Meantime as I was still rewiring the helix, visiting Tony McK. helped out by repairing several faulty points and adjusting point motors on the branch, and now trains can safely operate to the trestle bridge near Honeysuckle.

Thursday was AL-Day!!  Al's back after over 9 months of recuperation, and we eased into rewiring Wodonga yard. Very successful day and we found the cross feed that indeed caused my major short circuit. I was able to successfully connect up every territory  without hearing the circuit breaker trip every few seconds. Yeiii!!!!  for the first time in a long time, trains are running again.

So Al and I worked from High Street Wodonga  towards Uncle Bens, and fitted several points as we went. Removed all temporary wiring and installed permanent links. Half the job got finished, only interrupted by a section of track that was sitting high  above the sleepers and looking really bad. So we replaced that and moved on.

Had a great day and Al supplied the sausage rolls!!  Love those sausage rolls!!

Here is the obligatory picture trail for today.

Rewiring and testing started beyond drill and ended about...

 ...where the soldering iron sits. Point motors used were Tam Valley assembled servo type with a two way frog switch fitted.

 Bit of track right of pliers was lifted and replaced.

New wires hanging down and old wires being snipped off as we go. Gee its going to be nice to see that looking tidy after all this time.

About to finish up after Al left and noticed that the joiner had come away up here. Loaded it with liquid nails and try again :D