2018_12_05 Mirror... Mirror...

2018_12_05  Using mirrors

Its a shame  Wodonga Station faces the wrong way. So I tried out a mirror!

I am hoping to plant scenery and trees  to hide most of the back of station ??  We will have to see.
ah that's better :D

2018_12_17- And still more...Decoder Pro Help needed...

2018_12_17  My Decoder Pro is just not working!

This is one of three faults.
I am using a Digitrax PR4 (set as a PR3 because Decoder Pro does not know about the PR4 yet (apparently) It uses a power supply provided by Digitrax.

TheAT100 uses a matching  plug pack.with specs 240v and DC  15 volt 200 mamps.

Does a switching power supply rated 300  mamps volts 100 to 240, supply the same volts and amps over whole supply voltage range?

I can use a Soundtraxx AT100 Power supply on Tsunai product

Pics? enlarge when clicked on!

Ok no matter what.. no power to test track, and no sound or movement.
Both locos fail on main line. Seems the testing on Decoder Pro killed them?

Other locos are ok on main line.  Sort of interesting, and as these are fitted with sound files I paid for, not interested in destroying any more.

Thanks for any help :)   More pictures?

2018_12_17 Digressing... Making Eureka R pull !

2018_12_17   The plastic R Class  project

Good friends!  What would we do without them? 
The more I see what my mates can do, the less I think of my own skills these days :(
Most of my friends also know Mark Laidlay.  We decided to show you how to get the maximum weight and therefore the maximum pulling power up grades that we can get.

First you need to clean up the inside by removing anything that gets in the way.
says Mark 
"I found my lead supply and opened up R719.  First job is to remove some burrs from details that intrude into the boiler space.  So I go to use the dental drill and no go!  So now the dental drill and the R are both disassembled!"

 That's fine but a pain if the tools don't behave. See what happens (to friend) when he helps you out :(

But eventually the work can continue. Job finished on  719 Now start on 704.

Mark is out to create a record. This is the most weight he has managed to install thus far.

Says Mark
"I weighed the two this morning:
R704 including tender (no extra weight) 353G
R719 including tender (extra weight) 443G.

So that’s 90g extra and all on the driving wheels, my best effort yet."