2013 June 10

 2013 June 10  Monday

Designing how to get the SG out of the Helix and behind Wanganella.  Hours of measuring and re measuring but finally got it sorted.  Installed a temporary bridge. If I use this bridge it will require modifying. I will have to stagger the sides to cross the lower track at an angle. Should not be too hard a job. But put it in to allow a test train when I get the loop connected in.

So far so good. A string line shows that the 20 cm drop required is not going to be a huge gradient, maybe 2% ?

Its unfortunate that the SG is high above Wanganella, when I intended it to be in a cutting like Wangaratta, but it cant be helped now. Whilst pondering a fix, I thought I should have allowed the SG to exit the bottom of the helix with the BG exiting at the present SG height. However to do that now would be a disaster waiting to happen, so I will just live with it.

Just gently curving it in behind the station whilst lowering it back down to the BG level. See string line!

Raising the BG a few cm out of Wanganella, allows the SG to level with it near the start of the SG loop, points in position.

The board that carries the diverge is roughly in position. (The temporary feed into Coal Siding Northern end.
The Sg Loop will be built in front of the diverge and proceed around with a very gentle climb, to enter Wodonga Station from the South.

Checking the levels with a cheap laser level (the laser light is the top line, the lower being the string line.

Well I guess a little work got done. Most of the cutting out is finished too, ready for installation tomorrow ?