2015_03_26 Cool day Still doing sound!


Well still moving along slowly :)
Started on a couple of C Class conversions, installing Loksound Decoders, LED headlights and markers. Need to fill the cow catcher and install KD's as well. Probably means that I need to file off the detail and attach hosebags as well.

So lets look at some of things I have had to think about?

The black one is a late series Austrains chassis weight

 An early attempt on the older weight left me with a broken weight, and it allowed the chassis to flex.

(funny how you don't notice a derailed wheel, or a body piece back to front, till the photo is published :(  )

Plus it took a lot of weight out of the model

 The new weight is heavier around the cab, and possibly would allow for trimming now?

This is what I removed (and I need to take a further 2mm off for better clearance)
Instead of using the larger speaker I am going to use a 16 x 25 x 7.9 speaker which I have been happy with in my T Class conversions. I will also wire in a tiny cell phone speaker to balance the sound.

I drill out the bulk of metal, lightly grind away the bulk of whats left and then saw cut and using a 1 inch wide belt sander clean up the surface allowing the speaker to fit tightly

This means the weight remains intact and supports the plastic chassis.The photo shows another version of a conversion by James of VR Enthusiasts.