2013 July 24

2013 July 24 Wednesday Cold and sunny after a week of extreme
 cold weather and rain!

 Peco track straight out of the box!
Its a simple thing to lay track right?
Buy it, unpack it, place rail joiners on it and straighten it or curve it and lay it on a hard flat surface? ........  Yeah right :(

Rail Joiners are not going on this piece of track without a little preparation.

First thing to do is cut away the plastic on the first sleeper, and create a gap for the rail joiner. I find it easier to do this before laying it. Prepare both ends on straight track. On curved track, you need to remove the extra length on the inside rail, and remove extra sleepers before fixing the rail joiners.

I then solder a dropper on each side of the rail close to one end. On curved track it helps to curve it before doing this.

Then using the wonderful Trackright underlay, and straight edges and track gauges, I simply fix it in place with tacks. These can be removed if you want, after the ballast is dry gluing everything in place.

Spent a couple of days in the shed after returning from Adelaide where I had a pleasant time catching up with old friends.

So I might just post some pictures of Adelaide and a larger scale model railway...  tomorrow :)