2016_04_26 Point? Paint? or SAR Tarps?

Still cannot find that screw driver ;)
But noticed the Branch goods waiting restoration of the points, and saw these wagons and remembered that I had a heap of GY tarps left over, so got distracted once again :(

The picture without tarp did not focus, so this will have to do. These were built by our n scale mate Rob Carpenter, and fortunately I have a lot left over. They are a little thick and too small to fit these SAR open wagons. But you can easily thin them down with a sharp modelling knife. About 10 minutes work, I think.

Carefully scrape the blade back and forwards and remove swaff  in large amounts as you go. Be careful and stop before you get too thin.

Do the same for the ends and carefully remove a little for the handbrake mechanism (behind the wheel)

You can see the improvement already

Ok that's done :)  Soldering iron should be nice and hot! Back to the points.....