2017_10_18 Postie is here :D

2017_10_18  Air Mail from Inonesia! Thank You Evan :)

As always let your eyes check out the candy (I hope)

Extremely nice packaging survived the mail staff very well.

This is the man, who runs this business. Prices are good and build time is quick, quality is "expert mode" Well worth the price and this time I received a bonus (ask me by pm)

almost matches order. Hoping their is a pair of points?

oh you got me Evan :D. Check out the elastic bands on the ends!

Left and right junctions, just as I ordered :)  They look really sweet ,dont they?

Heres where they go!  Remember the new helix :)

With Kilmore East's Steve and Ron, setting up the helix and orientinting it into correct position.
And Evan understanding my rough instructions. (Australian slang hinders communications, however we are teaching Evan how to understand us :) )

First junction feeds or reieves trains from reverse loops,
Second junction feeds or recieves from other end of reverse loop and sends trains up the helix.

Here points line up with on ramp perfectly. (ouch the box blocking and I did not notice it till now, but I am sure you all get the picture?

Thank you guys Really appreciate it all.

2017_10_17 Video here.

2017_10_17 Learning a new video editor...not!!

Check back for videos when I learn how to save them :{

Complete failure! So I will just put them up on Vimeo in the raw, I guess



2017_10_10 still plodding along

2017_10_10   Wiring still !!

Amazingly even though trains run through here and have for some time, I found missing droppers.

I just cant seem to get my head around the resulting spaghetti now hanging underneath...maybe tomorrow?


2017_10_06 written updates?

2017_10_06 Still wiring. This time in the House creek area Wodonga. 

Lefy Bullarto till Al is able to return in a few weeks.
So moved on to Wodonga. Things were a lot better there than I thought. Existing wiring is permanent. All I have to do is remember my wiring codes so I can connect all the new work up to point motors and DCC bus. Going to use "Juicers:" on crossovers and point motors on the rest.

Also need to start work connecting the helix to the layout. So a trip to Bunnings to purchase the connecting timber and now its just a matter of seeing when Roger has a spare few days, and we can get into laying track...oops I forgot to organize the  cutting of the extra.curved ramp road bed pieces. I need another 10 to complete the helix.

Use the craft wood to bridge the gap between BG main line and new station on top of helix.
Have cut off pieces to use as templates to get exact curve on these boards.

Using piece on top, I can cut new sheets to fit existing curvature and then extend top level along wall to the existing main line, out of site on the rhs.
Second board will get same treatment and fill the gap under the spirit level.

Ok on the trolley for a few more days, and continue to connect up points and block wiring for Wodonga yard.