2014_01_04 Bridge building for dummies?

2014_01_04 The trouble with scenery?

It just leads from one thing to another ;)

I really wanted to design and build a stock race for Wodonga, using a Walther's kit to save time.
Yeah well ??  I have no idea what the instructions are showing and the written translation has no effect on me at all :(.
Fortunately I was able to get pictures of a finished model, and already I have a good idea how it went together, but first....

The scenery on the branch.. as usual let the pictures tell the story.

 click to enlarge
The bench was cleaned up only a week ago :(
I have some metal bridge abutments left over from a previous bridge building session. These ADAIR kits are metal and need to be glued together and filled and then painted.

The last time I used them was to build 4 bridges at House Creek Wodonga. Now where did I tidy up the paint to?

I did not have any girders, and these Plastruct beams were too large for the cut outs in the abutments.
I have cheated and cut out slots (Easier to cut out styrene slots than file down metal)
I think that when I fill and paint them, you will not be able to see what I have done.

Next job is to cut out the existing road bed and secure the track either side of the bridge with new uprights. I slightly extended the top of the L Girder to sit the bridge on top. I had to shorten the abutment by 15mm. fortunately as it was glued together, I simply removed one layer of metal and reassembled the abutment.
I wanted to lay a timber deck on top, as per the prototype VR bridges. However I ran out of height.

Now which box has the paint gun and paint hidden away inside?