2016_09_15 Another Thursday Work Day

2016_09_15  Rained a bit, sunned a bit and Al came for a visit :)

What to do when your mate says he will only come and visit with you, if you are organised and their is a job to do?
Well you get organised and tell him you look forward to his visit, I would think?

What to do? Have I got a days work ready to go? I must have...  ok lets do this ;)

Like all plans, it did become complicated. I needed to adjust these table tops (Albury Yard) But I had moved all the tools and fixings here after removing all the paint tins, and plaster etc.

So in order to start the programmed work, I moved all the boards to the left, allowing for the necessary gradient at the Wodonga end. (Coal siding is actually 90mm lower than Albury, which was a mistake not picked up when I fixed Albury in position...ah well :(
So clean it all down, and screw the boards down, less one now not required.

The gap will allow the gradient  to stretch 6m and will be about 1.5 %

While I fool around with the new camera, Al adjusts the new baseboard...

And I fit a new leg and remove most of the L Girder to allow the curved track bed to gently climb into Albury.

horisontal braces in place and two by one recycled from top L Girder screwed and glued in bottom to create another L Girder to support weakened frame. New leg further strengthens frame.

WE cleaned up this base board a little removed a leg and horisontal side and fitted extra leg nearest camera. Also cross pieces far wall to support new track bed which is just visible under red handled clamp.
Now all I have to do is cut out track bed at 42 " outside radius, 40" inside radius and set up the gentle.5% gradient.

And that's about all there is folks ;)