2017_04_10 Invented something!

2017_04_10  How do you couple an Alco Walker trailer to a Trainbuilder Walker motor?

Easy if you happen to have 2mm x 1mm round super magnets :)

I bought these from china for about $5 and was going to use them on my two Sprinters, if they ever get built in China :(

The Alco had a really nice lost wax cast scale coupling designed to use coupling bars and pins. Much too tiny to be practicable though.

On the other hand the Trainbuilder Walker has an oversized (shockingly so) representation of the same coupling with a magnet embedded in its face

First thing I am going to do, is see if Walthers still sell these link and bar couplings and replace the Trainbuilder ones. In the meantime, I used 2mm x 1mm super magnets and simply drilled out a 2mm clearance hole and super glued a magnet inside but flush with the coupling face....  pictures!

Here is the Alco produced trailer with its scale bar and pin coupling. Nice!

Here the Trainbuilder O scale coupling... Yuk!

And here is my modified Alco coupling. Looks like I will have to find those wings and finish the model off. Needs lights, glass and interior fitted.

And here is the united couplings. It works and the magnets are strong enough to hold tight through points and everywhere I ran it.. Success :D

When the Sprinters finally arrive, I intend adding these magnets to the dummy scharfenbergs, in the hope that they will hold two powered Motors together as well