2016_12_08 Its Al Day again!

2016_12_08 We want to finish alignment of track and make a start on Kilmore East.

Picture Story:

I was a bit slack with the camera, but here is the 4 pm shot of our work today. All droppers in, and ready for point motors

All we wanted to do was put the quarry siding in. But as we said before, we found we had to rebuild the whole junction to expand the quarry to allow for two engines and 19 hoppers. Even so I can fit only one van on (20veh) and my era is that a van sat on each end. The obvious solution is to leave one hopper off.
Very pleased with the work. I worked on one end and Al from the other and we met exactly at the correct position too.

At this stage I suggested Al might do a double shift, and we could get the siding in.......

Enough said 🙋

And so I continued on for a while whilst Al returned home to Corowa, and started here and fitted the loco run a round in.

And by about 9.30 I almost got part of the siding in. Just need the run a round points this end, and put the run a round itself in.

Ok crew change and ready to depart, the "block rock"