2017_07_01-02 Coldest night ever! -3.9!

2017_07_02 Early Morning blues!!

Had to get up early to relieve a little pressure old blokes seem to suffer.

Found this

Frost as far as you could see

To the North of West

Looking South of West

Looking  West  and sun sets over train shed roof. But not at 6.00 am!

Looking North East

Now this picture looks like the sun is rising?   Well if it is, we are in deep trouble, because we are looking North WEST near  where the sun always sets ??

Here is  the picture that connects with  the others.. Looking East  and sun is up, but hidden by Hills at 6.00 Am.

The runoff from an air conditioner warming the house, is frozen! Nearly put me on my arse, you can just see the skid marks (in the ice stupid :)  )

And later I checked the temp which has a sensor out side under the verandah. Min last night at  -3.9 C
All explanations gratefully solicited :D
The kids came back from Horse Riding at Chiltern, where it was -7 C this morning
And on the news they said Goulburn got down to -10 C

Its still -2C in the train shed. Guess where I will not be going today :(