2016_09_21 Another work day?

2016_09_21  Al came over to escape painting at home :)  Well it was wet and bleak day, I guess?

Fortunately I had worked out we could do a fair bit of work.
Typically I stuffed up with the maths (again :( )  and it was a good stuff up, because it reduced the gradient from Wodonga Coal siding to Albury from a possible 3% back to 0.5%. How I managed that, is beyond me :(

I need to make 3 connections around that corner of the building. Apart from making a lot of work trying to reduce the 5% grade, and then having to repair it when I found it was really much less than that  <sheesh>

some pictures...

So this is coal siding to Albury connection. I was going to install two girder bridges here but when I discovered the gradient was so steep, I gave up on that idea. Happy mistake because now I can fit the bridges back in.

Tomorrow we are going to have a go at the two tracks on the top level. First one at back is the long descending grade to the new Helix at the other end. Beside it is a level BG track running to the S Bend station on top of the new helix, with the SG descending down the helix. Because it descends gradually along the long wall, it joins the helix 21cm below the BG station.
The Helix then feeds the Sydney side of Albury Station forming a reversing loop for the SG Main.

 Bridges sitting in approx. position

 Walthers double track Girder bridges. Will do till a typical NSW river bridge comes along!

The picture shows the blind divider in behind the the trestle which will hide the link track behind, whilst still allowing re-railing because the top is left open. I hope to cut the background sheets to show sky on the wall and trees etc on the divider.

ok went out a grabbed this shot. Shows off the divider behind trestle, hiding the tracks behind

Thanks Al, you  were a great help, pity I made the blunders that slowed us down. Tomorrow is another day :D