2016_12_25 A Happy and Holy Christmas to all my friends

2016_12_25 Christmas day.

First a good Australian Company with Good Australian Values does it right despite the invasion of foreign ideas that devalue our Society. I looked through their inventory and ordered The Cement Works as a  way to support these fine people. Its not right for Wodonga, however that's where it will go.

We would like to take this opportunity to say to friends and customers, a big thank you for your support & business during 2016. We wish you and your families a most happy and enjoyable Christmas and wonderful peaceful New Year.


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The layout 
I am having a lot of trouble with the Apex points. I cannot get the diamond crossing to work electrically.
I have spent 4 days on it. Ripping it out 4 times!
The diamond crossing is a new code 75 electrofrog.  It has two wires from each end. One at each end, connects the DCC bus to power bus. The other connects to frog juicers to ensure the frogs match the polarity for the locomotive approaching. I could have used a double pole double throw switch for this, as per Peco's instructions. As point motors control both sides, I could have used the extra switch to do the job as well. As the frogs are on opposite sides of the rail, I used two mono juicers for the job.
I have tested the crossover on the bench. I know which wire does what.  I have noted the point is electrically working on the bench. No shorts.
However as soon as I reconnect it to the layout, the whole thing shorts out at one end. The insulators (on all four ends (8 of them) have been replaced just in case.
Even though I was very careful fitting it in place, I wonder if the bare wires Peco used could be the problem. I have looked all over, and cannot see a place where a short could be....

I am about stumped!!  Any ideas gratefully sought to this problem??