2017_08_10 Sound installs

2017_08_10 I better finish off Al's B Class!

Most of work is done. Everything fits and its neat enough. Only problem is the headlight wasn't working. In the finish I asked Mike and was referred to his installation page on the B Class.
You need to get rid of switch to install speaker in tank. The switch turns off the headlights...and so you need to short out the wires to the switch...duh!!

Some pictures. Again I did not check them as I went, and the dreaded blur is coming back again :(


The yellow tape on right holds down excess wiring, but in the middle is a white plug that I disconnected the switch in the fuel tank from. This switch leaves number lights and marker lights on, but turns off the headlight. I should have shorted out that plug, to turn on the headlights

 The switch wires are soldered to the speaker wires on chip, taped top of old switch.

Ok tape chip in place as low as I could snuggle it down. It sits on top of 8 pin plug though.

Siliconed speaker to inside of styrene lid for fuel tank and glued lid in place.

Soldered speaker wires to old switch wires and pushed wiring back into diesel body. Then blackened styrene inserts and screwed tank back onto body.

Attach couplings and test it all works....

Click here to watch video of Al's B Class