2016_11_18 Alday!! eh Thursday work day ;)

2016_11_18   Another work day with Allan Jeeves in attendance.

Had a great day, with both of us laying track in different locations.

So Al levels and lays the track on the new add in section of Honey Suckle.

And I work on track laying on the trestle. I had to cut the trestle back about 25 mm and set it up to allow a smooth 36 inch curve into it and exiting it. Worked out well, but time consuming, like everything else on this railroad ;)
Next job is to install the junction and then lay the track on the other leg, back towards the Bowser junction.

At about this time, we looked at the other end of Honey Suckle.......

And I mentioned to Al that I had a short turntable I would like to install at this station. We worked out where it could go, and modified the track bed to suit by moving the whole assembly 55 mill closer to the aisle

So with this section all levelled up and relocated, I have room for the turntable in the new box section we will build between Honey Suckle and the relocated track bed

As the track against the wall can be easily accessed from underneath, now, I will join the high boxed roadbed to the wall with that high density foam, behind Al, here..

We are getting to a place where we have to decide on what to do with the Helix.
Enough for now.