2015_04_10 Grafton Shed (Engine)

2015_04_10  Well its getting cooler ;)

Still plugging away at fitting sound on the two C Class. It is a nightmare but I progress a little bit each day. I have so little room to mount the extra pieces, and even the thickness of wiring can make or break the installation. Latest advance was to drill through the fuel tanks and connect the bogies underneath electrically with connections using the decoders very light wiring on top gaining some more clearance. Should have finished today, except that I added marker lights, didn't I? ;)

I am getting ahead of myself here, but the opportunity arose for me to buy a roundhouse for the South Grafton layout.  I intend to use this part layout as my NSW connection, mainly due to the impossible size of  Albury done correctly.
Anyway more about that later.
Some pictures sent along by Stuart Walker who owns and operates Model Train Buildings
Stuart would love to chat with you about any special buildings you may need?