2017_11_25 Saturday Scenery

 2017_11_25  roads and bricks.

Graeme continues with our scenery.  After fitting the bridge over the creek, he stuck down the caulk, and next time we paint it to look like bitumen.

 I cut out the brick card and test fitted it. I need to visit the shop and buy some Deluxe card glue to fix it in place. Also going to paint the concrete bits Floquil flat gull grey.

 Its a dual lane bridge. Brick card should look, ok when adhered in place.

 S[pent a bit of time lifting the road surface to allow the road bridge to sit higher.

 WE have to build a creek here

moved pub out of way so we could put a creek in beside the road. Going to put a petrol station this side of line
This one...

Golden Fleece Garage (click)



2017_11_20 New Arrival at Coal Siding

 2017_11_20 The little X arrives!


Probably the smallest bang for my buck ever. It started off as $245 and then I added sound!

Just played the video. Forgot to cut out the 5 finger  uncouple. Well next time....

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Rod Young

2017_11_18 I wonder if this is how she really felt?

2017_11_18  Do you remember when you got bitten?

(from the steam channel)

Joe McDoakes


Hope you enjoy it.
Rod Young


2017_11_14 -Last day of year 71- Was happilly operating for a week or so....

2017_11_14  Same old...same old.

Was finally able to run a few trains. I was fixing minor problems as I went, and then out of the blue, the old digitrax short reappeared. So I am back to working the island lower level. Started disconnecting sections and waiting for short to disappear... Like I said "same old.. same old " :(

But it was fun whilst it lasted, and Graeme did come and work out where the roads would cross the track, which was fun.

Scenery Monday 13th Nov


Filling in the embankment...

Country Pub and level crossing to go in here.

Near Coal siding, the  Osbornes Street crossing

Hovel Street

and one for the Country Pub.

Sangsters Road, near House Creek

Kelly Street

 Running a few trains....

And perhaps a video of trains passing through Honeysuckle if my plans for today, work out.



2017_11_01 Pretty Slack around here :(

2017_11_01  Little important jobs being carried out every day (almost)

Graeme  arrived Saturday and spruced up the scenery projects. It is really looking great.

Got to remember to apply the bricks to the bridge this week :(

We cleaned up the approaches to the bridge, and patched the repaired bank.

Damn, must have moved ??

So what did Graeme ask me to do?  I need to write notes!