2017_07_21 (continues)

2017_07_21  Discovered another reason for my wiring problems

I think I have learned something knew about reversing loops. It appears that I have fluked my earlier installations. But in upgrading my wiring (strewth!! what a job!) I moved several reversing loop sections. I moved two sections to a place between two command stations. As I use TAM Valley frog juicers and have had exemplary service up until now.,my mistake helped to burn out two Hex juicers valued at $140 (ok repairs in States actually cost $40 plus postage both ways)
It seems that you cannot reverse between two command stations, and so it failed, and finally burned out two juicers. I kept reading the instructions and finally after the second burned board I noticed the bit about two districts. Now it seems to be working ok

To get away from the other power district (read command station) I had to cut in an extra insulated section. Diagram should show you what happened.

2017_07_21 Hardware Shopping Wheeeeeeeee!!

2017_07_21 Nice day. Should be in shed, but I have run out of food and need to shop. Anyway need stores for the shed. So off to Bunnings for a $12 sheet of 3mm MDF cut up for forming the fascias.

So home from shopping

Well I did get the MDF  (cut up free! thanks Mr Bunnings)

And the Post Office had a parcel from Bob's Hobbies. Takes 5 days and usually 7 for damn Post Office to move stuff from Sydney to Wodonga via Sunshine Mail Exchange, and 7 km's away people in Albury can receive theirs in 24 hours and worst cast 48 hours. Morons won't treat us like twin cities, even as they close Wodonga mail center down You got a 3 post code then you go via Sunshine! Morons!!!

I have worn out my remote power point switches. They are 8 years old. These Arlec ones were $35 and saves me bending down under layout to shut off power. Good for this old back.

I found some nifty little LED strip lights in battens and at $18 each, pretty cheap.  Might fill in light in the corners.

Gorilla Glue is here. Now we can find out if our Yankee mates are right Is it the best glue in the World?

Security lights to replace the 500 Watt power eaters the kids broke with a basket ball. only 20 watts and almost as bright.

Liquid nails, water based, to glue foam in place Twice the price but pretty good stuff.

Oh and did I mention a parcel from Bob's Hobbies?

Start timer! zero

1 minute!

1min 30 seconds!

2 mins!

2 mins 30 secs!

3 minutes!

4  minutes! Now where is the DCC chip? Removing the bodies is just so easy, particularly if you didn't cut your finger nails the night before. Simply spread body out above fuel tank valence careful not to drop the mech. as it is heavy. Do it an inch above a surface so it will not be damaged. To place it back on, simply line it up, push it on, and press sides in to ensure the tabs have locked in safely. I have seen these disengage so make sure it is tight before holding on to body to lift it off track,

ok ok Lets read the nice instructions......

10 minutes later, I decided to test each engine with a silent chip, and come inside and order some sound chips from Mike  at  DCC Aussie Sounds
Was going quite quickly for a while too ;)



2017_07_17 Belted out of the ground by NBN stupid tactics!

2017_07_17 A little more scenery, a little more on sound installs, and a lot of ruging up inside by the heater.
NBN blues still no internet. Winter starts off with a failed air conditioner (read sole heating) and continues with disconnection of internet communications. What else has it got planned for me?
Graeme came over Saturday and we prepared a few areas for scenery. Looking forward to covering the new areas with grass and trees.

Here we started to put the basis of our fascia and filled in the holes in the baseboard, preparing to put Osbourn Street and road in, Then we can add the Shell Fuel depot.

 The facia will be glued on to this

Wodonga yard head shunt in place needs track, and cuttings formed both sides of Main.

Preparing cattle run linking stock race to Abattoirs other side of line.

Still touching up our mountain, getting it ready for rock molds which will be next to construct.

Powerline Cars

I think $150 a carriage is a rip-off. Stupid execs at Powerline, delay production of models for 13 years and then slug us another 80 dollars because their dies had deteriorated and were worthless.

Despite the fact that they were rather nice. Despite the fact that the wrong bogies appear to be under the cars. I would have thought First and Economy were SG on Commonwealth bogies, whilst the Scripted First and Second Class were BG SOP on Argentine bogies?
And despite the fact that some cars had interiors back to front.

The new Helix

Good News is that I have been lucky enough to get my new Helix professionally built. Material was delivered to factory today, and if all goes well it will be cut up and temporarily assembled  to test it out before delivery within two weeks.
There you go Mr. Al :D its finally happening



2017_07_01-02 Coldest night ever! -3.9!

2017_07_02 Early Morning blues!!

Had to get up early to relieve a little pressure old blokes seem to suffer.

Found this

Frost as far as you could see

To the North of West

Looking South of West

Looking  West  and sun sets over train shed roof. But not at 6.00 am!

Looking North East

Now this picture looks like the sun is rising?   Well if it is, we are in deep trouble, because we are looking North WEST near  where the sun always sets ??

Here is  the picture that connects with  the others.. Looking East  and sun is up, but hidden by Hills at 6.00 Am.

The runoff from an air conditioner warming the house, is frozen! Nearly put me on my arse, you can just see the skid marks (in the ice stupid :)  )

And later I checked the temp which has a sensor out side under the verandah. Min last night at  -3.9 C
All explanations gratefully solicited :D
The kids came back from Horse Riding at Chiltern, where it was -7 C this morning
And on the news they said Goulburn got down to -10 C

Its still -2C in the train shed. Guess where I will not be going today :(


2017_07_01 Scenery and its stilll cold 11C Max

2017_07_01  Graeme came over to change the look of the place a little.
Pictures show the change....

 Just measuring up and working out how to support the false fascia

 Fixing supports in place

 Got an edge that we had to smooth off to the right..

 Test fitting fascia with additional supports

and adding to the bottom level as well

We carved away some of the bench work under spirit level to smooth out the false facia.

This will give us the chance to support the foam, and trim up the edges to lay scenery. At the finish we will glue and screw an aluminum true fascia over top to pretty up the effect.



2017_06_23 Signals?

2017_06_23 Ah forgot the new signal didn't I?

Departure Homes from Honeysuckle to Alansvale (left) or Trentham (right arm)

Amazing detail on Tony's new signal building from base to finnials on top!

illuminated as well!

 The Lop bracket received a few months back  helps to arrive trains at Honesuckle other sides of points protected by new bracket

Don't remember if I showed this new signal? It departs down trains on the main  out of Honeysuckle. It needed to be added to allow access to the Loco turntable.

Glad to see Tony returning to his signal building. However it is hardly a money making venture for him. The new bracket post took more than 12 hours to build (I suspect much more) And who could pay $60 an hour plus parts to build something so beautiful? (Just noticed the disk is hanging off (proceed) . It wont do that when a Tortoise motor is attached to it ;)


2017_06_22 trying to get back on track....

2017_06_22  Still cold, but a visit to Bunning's to get some wood and a visit from my signalling contractor is worth a mention?

After not having a heater for over a month after my air conditioner failed during power brown outs last January. Long story but I only switched it on again to heat house up when the cold weather set in, to find it had burned out the compressor. Took a month to convince Insurance Company it was a fused motor and eligible for compensation. So asit warms up from -0.02 C last night to 8.5 C at 11.00 am  with aircon set at 20C Economy. I finally feel warm at 17.4 C, after a month of 11.0C days and 8.0 C nights sitting on an electric oil panel heater,

At the same time the shed was 4.0 C just slightly warmer than my fridge which was 2.0 C


With Graeme's scenery project on the move , we decided to laminate 3mm  craft strips along edges to hold foam, plaster scenery in place. Bunnings actually supplied 2400 x 1200 sheets cut down to 200mm widths for me, enabling me to get it home in the wagon, and saving me the trouble of cutting it all up here :D All for $30. A bargain.

12 pieces of 3mm craft wood sheets  cut in 200mm strips. These will be used to form edges in particular the curved edges linking Honeysuckle to the trestle bridge and Albury yard to The Murray River bridge and on to the tunnel and around to House Creek on the lower level.

 Just adding head shunt towards House Creek, to allow Graeme to add foam

 The craft sheets will be laminated to cover edges of layout where foam ends.

The embankments glued in place and now to add foam ground level sheets and cover with towels. This in turn will be covered in the same paper plaster mix used on the other side at Bullarto wheat silos.
Then a combination of static grass weeds trees and other ground cover will finish it off.
Need to make a road. Going to try painting cork black (Graeme said)

And finally the next signal to arrive for Honeysuckle is this one. The bracket post controls movement of up  trains from Honeysuckle platform and (left to right) direct route to Alanvale  and Bowser Junction mainline access. And the other arm, trains heading to trestle bridge and Trentham


2017_06_14 ok so today I ran a few trains.

2017_06_14  The Car Train by Auscision....

https://vimeo.com/221556609           Vimeo Best Quality (Google just hashes it)



2017_06_12 Trying a few hours in shed today..still cold!!

2017_06_12 New Ballast :)

Thanks to Malcolm, I received a few different sizes of Glenrowan Ballast, recently

No wonder this railway is moving along with such friends :)

Ballast grade

Rock culvert etc grade

Dust grade..  yards roads etc.

(ps lost your phone number M)