2013 September 23

2013 September 23 Sunday  A sunny day ,mostly :)

Its been over a month :(   And I have been ill, in fact I am still not crash hot, if the truth is told. After surviving the whole winter, my chest caved in and although I avoided Pneumonia it was not by much.
So very little to report.    Al Jeeves came over and got me moving again last week and we attacked the Wodonga yard and relaid the approaches to House Creek in 5 ply. Next job is to reinstall the bridges and start laying track.

The hidden work included running wiring under the coal siding in preparation for the droppers to be cut in and protected with our stop tail bulbs. All ready to be installed.

Then connect up the point motors and connect all the droppers. In itself a hell of a job.

Today I decided to do something less strenuous, and so installed a sound module into my new Walker 280 . As well I completed the work on the two GM's, now both fitted sound as well.
I had started work on the Endeavour set I acquired at Caulfield.  The Walker has two speakers installed one on each side of the motor unit. Whilst one speaker sends all the sounds out of the passenger compartment and really annoys me, two speakers can be turned down low and you would swear the sound is coming straight out of the motor unit.
So I have decided to fit four cell phone speakers to the Explorer one each end of the middle carriage and another mounted as far away in each driving car. I can series parallel them and keep the impedance safe, and you should hear the sound coming from every carriage as it passes.  Next thing would be to use a modified GEVO 3 Genset (cummings power) Diesel, and see if I can get individual engine sounds in each carriage.

Well as I seem to be over it (my illness) for now, and Allan is visiting on Wednesday to finish off Wodonga, I should have some pictures and something to show latter on this week.   Also going to Liverpool with Roger Lloyd and we might spend a few days track laying the following week.