2015_01_10 It Rains? The bridge isn't in!


Not doing a lot, just fiddling with the bridge and the stock yard.
The stock yard needs to be smaller. The pencil line marks max width available.

Need to have two yards with access to each loading ramp and a race at the rear linking the yards to the side loading / unloading motor transports. Still a ways to go. Cant find a glue that holds it firmly, apart from supa glue.

So here is the more modern beam bridge behind the trestle.
The photo shows that I need to release the trackbed to left of picture because of the sharp incline meeting the bridge. The abutment on the right is a whisker low and requires packing.

After packing the abutments I will cut away the track bed to locate wing walls on both sides of bridge. Paint the abutments and the wings with concrete and all I need to do is blend in the scenery.

should look ok when finished?  The non-prototypical aspects will be hidden by the track.

Not as much as I wanted to get finished, but every little bit does count.... Now where is that paint?