2017_07_25 Other things....

2017_07_25  Sound Installs How easy it is, now that manufacturers are listening to us! We got lights, then we got DCC ready, sound ready and finally they were dragged kicking into sound installed :D
Well actually they took the final sound install easiest of all. Thank Goodness ;)

Today I started on installing sounds into the three S Class Diesels.
As a comparison, I have also started on an older B Class which is definitely not a nice engine to fit out with sound.

Click on caption to play each video

Oops that's not right

Now that's better!
 Now it took me 10 minutes to fit sound, including changing out the speakers and reattaching new ones.
It will take a lot longer to sort out the cv's to get them speed matched and running right though.

B Class
Now lets start looking at the B Class. It will take a lot of time, especially as I just found the sound chip might be damaged. More tomorrow...

First job was to try and glue the side grills back in. New out of box, both grills damaged by buckling. I think I got it.

Then remove the switch from the bottom of tank after removing two screws and putting some braces aside and removing tank from under engine. Fill in the hole, and save the wiring to the switch, as you will need it to connect to the speaker. Its easier than trying to get new speaker wires down there :)

Cut out a new styrene tank top. Groove it to match indents in sides (Fuel fillers) create a notch for wires to exit behind new speaker. Draw lines from corner to corner. Where they cross in middle is where you drill out hole for speaker.

And so next job is to glue (silicone) the speaker inside the tank. (Hole is a couple mills smaller than speaker. Notch tank near battery box to allow wires to exit, and seal box with silicone or body filler before painting black to match tank.
Put tank back on engine tomorrow. Time to go inside and warm up