2016_02_25 A cool change and more wall up


Things have not stopped per se. little jobs just keep on getting done. Not exciting enough to create much of a blog.
However this has happened over the last week or two

Another section of floor cleared and two more wall panels started. Making noggins to fit is present project.

Spending time fixing up sound projects. Have about 31 locos in this queue and about half way through.

Checking heights and bench work on paper first. As an example the horisontal struts need to drop about 70mm for next section to allow the SG main to drop the full 125mm along this wall. The upper level will sit up on risers to maintain flat base.

And of course this troubling and increasingly more expensive project is still been checked and experimented on
The three sheets are recovered from paper that failed to stay in position and was removed in order to start again. The sheet on the left is  watered down Woodlands Scenic white glue. The next is watered down craft glue and the one on the right is about 3 to 1 Aquadhere, which leaves the others for dead, so far.
Ok the day is getting too hot to work outside, so back to the computer and post this, before checking out a few locomotives.