2013 10.9

2013 October 9

Since our last visit we have done a bit of work on the layout. After returning from Liverpool this year, Roger stayed a a few days and we finished supporting the House Creek bridge and glued in the open deck bridges, laid the track, and started to lay track in the yard. The braced angle supports are temporary, and Jim has worked out a way of strengthening the upper deck (almost) invisibly. We will install them when the braces are completed.

in this long view you will notice we had to widen the benchtop, in order to fit a bit more in :)  The SG through track is almost in its final position, The BG platform is long enough to fit 8 cars and a loco, actually only two cars short of the original. The points over high street are moved further outto allow more room for the enlarged platform. The carriages are sitting in the through or No2 road. The space on the aisle side will easily accomadate the old Sales yard stock sidings with BG and SG access.

Starting to rough out the stock siding

Here is the the bridges fixed in place. We left the trackrite off hoping the wheels will roar just like a real one over the bridges. I hope the plastic sleepers on steel beams will do the trick although the plastic might reduce the effect somewhat.

A look up the hill towards Wodonga Station.

Elevated view

Now here are a couple pics of the booty from Liverpool :D

The two B Class have been stripped, DCC chipped and the buckled screens glued back on. A real bargain at $100 each. However I did buy them for parts ;) The orange one has a mech and it is on the track below.

42216 and 42219, appear complete, however they are only dummies. Again purchased as spares. However I might be tempted to put a motor in each of them.

AN3 has no place on my layout, however I kind of like the look of them. Anyway it got a smile from Peter and Jamie, first I have had from them for quite a while :) I wonder why that is ;)

Anyway I spent all day today watching the Bathurst telecast, doing only a little wiring under the coal siding. I strung the 9 circuits, built up the stop tail protection circuits, and installed everything up ready for connection to the main DCC bus. Hopefully tomorrow I can connect in all the droopers to the new circuits, however I will have to find another way of running the negative bus.  The cable is much to thick and you have to strip back the insulation before the connectors will attach.

So a little further advanced :)

Rod Young