2016_05_19 Playing with the new engine.

2016_05_19  Package in mail, and found some old friends.

So the E Tank loco arrived. First a test on DCC, then start stripping it down for DCC. Plenty of room too. So will have to see if sound is an option :)

These heavy little tanks hauled Melbourne's passenger services prior to electrification. They ended their lives in the 60's as yard shunting engines.

Service and test it before converting to DCC.
It is abit twitchy at the moment, mainly because of pick ups, and a possible short. I have checked with Brian Chester to find out any sugestions he might have for the conversion. Tweaked the pick ups and it does run better.

Pretty simple little things, appear to have enough room for a WoW to Ha Ha.

Fine Scale Models N Class

After reading another FB page I was reminded that I had these lovely little engines :)

They were white metal and brass kits. I must listen and see how they run, I remember that they were noisy.

Their still in the DCC queue where they have sat for over 8 years. Another job to do :(