2014 June 11

2014 June 11  Tedious preparations.

I am slowly getting there. Yesterday and today I worked in the Wodonga Station area. Still have a lot of trouble working upside down. But got two servo motors installed at High Street end and despite one motor not operating, can at least enter Platform Road and Through Road, and run around.
Fitted Mono juicers and prepared two more for Signal Box end.
Drilled out for droppers, then spent another few hours on my back threading wire for all three tracks. Need to add the runaround road today after shopping.
Prepared 6 stop tail light globes, connecting the two filaments with a solid state fuse and wiring it into each track feed.
I also modified 5 Peco  points (switches) by adding droppers to outer rails, frogs and point blades ready to hook into the DCC  feeds for each track.
It is becoming a real problem getting down on my knees and back and working here at my age. I guess at 69 this year, I am lucky I can still do it at all.

So I am pretty pleased with how far I got. Still a gap big enough to lay 4 points before she is connected through. I almost cheated and just straight lined it through as some points will not be needed till I get the cattle race and Yard working. But I am glad I persisted and connected it through.
More later!
Rod Young