2009 July 16

Thursday July 16...Late

Gee its cold up here!!
Not much to report. I am testing some carpet underlay in the main yard. Unfortunately it is thicker than I wanted, but much cheaper than Trackrite which I will use on all the single / double line bits.
I started laying track after gluing and nailing the first level of the helix and joining it to the base board. However I have to sort out the station yard, and the hidden sidings before I get to lay the helix.
So I moved into the Station area and laid out all the required points to see how things line up. Only major problem is that I will have to swerve the SG away into the space between the brick pillars to make room for a large station building. And the number 1 road will hold a B Class and 6 cars. However the No2 road is far too short. I am going to have to find another meter at least, possibly two to make this work.
So that is where I am now. Moving points around to ensure it fits and point motors do not end up too close to the layout frame. And that is no easy job either.
Lets see what tomorrow brings.

Friday July 17

Sun is out (was) but still cool. However I got a few good hours working on the railway today.

spirit lever set to 1.5% not a lot a difference! but the string line is proving it. This is the cheaper version. Almost impossible to set it correctly, because even when unlocked the rotating level is stiff and jumps 5 degrees each time you move it. I believe their is a digital version, however I have not found one yet.


 Getting a feel for the yard. Had to lengthen it a little but the points are all in position, and its short, but not too bad at all

Use of double slips allows three road an extra 2 bogies to stand in clear. Got to make sure their is room underneath for point machines too.

hmm... tipped the camera over didn't I? Anyway...
The track proceeds from goods shed (4 road) through slips to 2 road and points to No 1 Road next points separate the storage sidings around the outside of helix and right hand points further separate via a three way point into a...

 ..double broad gauge line around the helix. The third track becomes the other end of the hidden sidings via a large curved point. Cannot tack anything down till I know it all fits correctly.

 The SG departs the helix 10.5 cm above baseboard. This allows it to cross over the BG yard. It then curves between the brick piers (to give room for the BG station building? where it gently drops down at 1.5% gradient. The BG climbs out of the station and meets the SG opposite the second last wall pier. They parallel and continue to drop back to base board height.
The BG departing trains face a steep 4% short pinch, before gently falling back to base level.

 just a test to make sure it all fits.
BG platform fits an engine and 6 cars. No 2 Road fits an engine and 12 bogies, or 26 4 wheelers. A bit short. But will certainly do the job. Longer BG trains can push back into the leads on No 2 track as per the prototype.

Rail Motor needs to be near edge of board and opposite the first carriage to allow for platform. Looks like it will just fit :)

Will need to finish mounting the SG level setting out the track and then cutting out the excess ply to allow the BG station Building enough room.

 Pretty satisfied with today's work. It proves many things. First it will look pretty nice. Second, I am going to have to find a lot more dollars for track.
third I am a long way away from running trains :)
Cheers and the crystal ball is clearing a little

2009 July 18th  Bitterly cold :|
You wake up some mornings and before long you know its a day when nothing is going to get done :?
checked out a set of curved points to find broken sleepers and dry solder joints. So retired to the work bench. Heated up the iron scratched, filed and cleaned the rail to be rejoined. Grabbed for the iron, its still cold. As it is one of those Tandy 16 volt instant irons. I spent 3 hours frigging around with it trying to tighten the screw on the loose tab that feeds the tip. No way would that tab stay under the screw end and I finished up giving up. In the meantime every time I touch that old shinohara point more bits break off. So I sent away for a packet of circuit board sleepers and on Monday I will go to Tandy and get a new tip for my iron :(

A new very large radius point is going to cost me $35 A packet of sleepers about $15. But I get to build (repair) a set of points I guess?
I must find out if their are special gauge tools that help you keep the track aligned as you solder it to the circuit boards. I saw some roller gauges somewhere ?? hmmm where?
Anyway I will try again another day.

2009 July 24 Friday

Got the flu . In fact I have been poorly for two weeks. However I am coughing convulsively and have not had a proper sleep for a week. Nothing seems to help, and I have no energy to visit the train room, till things improve. :cry:
Did spend some time looking a point making devices and Micro scale bridges to carry the SG over the yard.
Going to Melbourne in a week, if I feel up to it, will see what they have for me there I guess.

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