2009 March 27


This is the starting corner. As I do not want to block the doorway I have put loops on both sides.
The loops will hide storage sidings on the bottom level, as well the top level will now extend into the corner and will be a carriage storage area and local engine service area as part of a large station.
The storage sidings in the loop will be covered by a dual track that sweeps to the right near the left hand pillar loops around and joins the storage sidings (hidden) before entering the lower level. A large feature bridge will span the lower track. If my calculations are correct I can average a 1.5% gradient.

Yeah a massive mess! Still sorting through 40 years of collecting! Most of this stuff will end up under the layout, however....
This longer view shows the separation between the two levels. It would seem that visually when you concentrate on your level the other level should be out of your vision. I am hoping that the illusion will carry through to the model. Top level extends 300mm from pillars The bottom level nominally 600mm.  

Trentham sits in the corner
Trentham will be restored for the new model railway club.

A 3 part Murray Railway Module system supports a load of stuff being prepared for operation on the new layout.

What a mess!! Hopefully next time I take pictures here, this will have found a home!

A thoroughly chalked NSWGR 35 Class. Still needs work, and I have to find a way to seal it without causing it to get wet and run!

Highly modified Lima 930 and B Class. Heart wants to keep them, they served me well. But I would get nothing for them, so will keep, I guess.

The high level track swings towards the camera and spirals around to the lower levels 1200 min radius and 1.5% grade. The track will be sceniced to appear as a grassed embankment. A few trees along the line and telegraph poles and fences.
The side not able to be seen will be open, allowing access to the hidden storage sidings. These sidings do not change level, simply store the train till it needs to return to the other end of the line.
On the high level the baseboard will now continue into the corner. A BG station starts about where the spirit level is heading to the left. connected will be a grain silo and storage siding and or a small locomotive depot on the top deck heading into the corner.
Well see if I can do some more bench work tomorrow, and then write some more here.

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