2013 May 19

2013 May 19  Sun is appearing for a hour or so, clouds again and sun back for a short time Still bloody cold :(

I talked Graeme and Norma into staying another day :D

So after a quick trip to Albury to get rid of a hire car, at 1130 we again turned our minds towards the Coal Siding.

Here I am with my mouth shut, is that a smile Graeme? Already a couple hours into construction and the SG loop and yard is almost completed.

I was asked recently if I felt like I was leaning on my friends too much?
Nah!! certainly not :(  Who ever would think that?

One of those defining moments?  Something like boring a tunnel from both ends and meeting in the middle?
The new track arrives at the Albury end and line up perfectly on the points, and it would seem the abbreviated yard is going to fit ok.

Graeme checks out the Wodonga end. In this shot you can see we discovered when looking at the pictures from yesterday that we had forgotten to install the SG entrance points towards the yard. Job now done and the loop is very much mostly built and looking great.

I guess Graeme has headed off for another holiday and will be at Corowa tonight...  hmm that's not far is it? Maybe I could get him beck for......  No better not!  Not sure how Norma would take that :D

Rod Young
All pictures are reduced in size. Double click any picture to see it full size :)

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