2013 June 4

2013 June 4

Distracted again today :(
Went to Yackandandah Engineering to buy some angle iron, but as usual no one was there to serve me. Ended up going into Wodonga where I got exactly what I wanted, cut to size as well.
Friend Jim offered to bring his welder and fix up the angle bracket supports which I used to stabilise the top level in the middle of room.  I have decided I cannot live with the angled supports to these brackets that are in full view. As the whole branch line is well supported by the shelving central posts, these angle brackets only stabilise, and I decided that if I reinforce the top plate with 40 x 40 mm angle iron it will be able to do this without the angle bracket support. Jim came over and took half the brackets home to weld them up for me. When they come back we will install them and then do the other side. Anyway today was otherwise not very productive as was this evening sleeping in front of the tv. :D
Tuesday is often shopping day, so maybe so will tomorrow.

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