2013 August 4

2013 August 4

Another cold day. Finished up putting an overcoat on to work in the shed Brrrr!!  However it was not as comfortable as my dressing gown which went over the top of a jumper and two pairs of tracky pants two pairs of socks  Brrrrrr!!

Anyway spent part of the day clearing out stuff from under the bench tops to gain access underneath for wiring. As well I sorted through all the electrical bits, electronics and got them unbaged and ready to install

The Tam Valley point switches required soldering and two switches and two LEDS need to be installed before mounting on the Control Panel. I prepared these for work on tomorrow.
As I use dual element stop/tail bulbs for circuit protection with a protective solid state link between the elements, I did spend a few hours attaching the parts and wires and stock piling enough to finish off the Coal Hole. Guess these will get placed  this week as well.

Just a few more boxes to move underneath the bench and work can start tomorrow
Guess thats all folks! :D

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