2013 October 18 continues

2013 October 18

This was some progress from Wednesday when Al Jeeves again arrived to assist me. Well he did all the work, as I had fallen in the room day before and had a crook back. So Al did the stuff at floor level. How is YOUR back today, my friend :)

What we did was replace all the twisting 3 ply with 5 ply and the new ply shows where we started from. I needed to shift all the wires and build in new supports to lift this section level and match the track out of Wodonga.

And this is the last piece to be added to complete the connection. The board is extra wide because Wodonga loop actually ends just before the start of the curve. It holds 45 vehicles and two engines! This shed is just not big enough (Jeff's shed next?   


  1. Gee mate, I hardly recognise the Right hand side now. so much has been done. I must get down for a day or 3 R&R and those great meals at your favorite eatery :) :)


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