2014_01_14 Heat Wave is here!

When is 29C cool?

I guess when its 40.4 in the shade outside?
I have a swampie on the roof. It ran all day with just the fan and turned the water on and within minutes the temp started to drop.  Not that I spent much time in there today.
My last fortnight has been getting reacquainted with good friends :) As people travelled past Wodonga and took the 20km diverge to stop and stay awhile. So not much time for track laying ;)
Today I tried something less strenuous.

I like these ETM's unfortunately they are far too modern for me. So......

This is what we replaced our vans with, and nobody makes them at all.   So it was time to see what I could do. (wongm picture)

The disc is punched out of styrene and will be covered in reflective tape. The battery box is c section which will hide the wires. The red LED of course is removed from a light strip and flashes nicely using the original Ring electronics. I will paint this red just leaving the lens clear.

The battery box is simply C tube to hide the wires.

The light should be round and the whole thing is slightly bigger than it should be.  I am going to try and disassemble the Ring unit and if I can easily recover the LED from it I will build it into a round red button which will much improve the unit. (Here it is shown before gluing. It will not keep its proper shape till I paint and glue it)



  1. Hi Rod, Have you managed to recover the LED from the flashing unit yet. I have asked a major manufacturer if they had considered producing an Aussie style End of train unit. The reply was they had, but did not thick there was enough of a market for the expense!

  2. Yes I did that too. I think they are right :) Actually was contacted by a friend from Geelong who supplied me some tiny leds. But I will have a go at rescuing that one and let you know.
    Gwyder hobbies do sell a magnificent tiny LED I intend to cut a piece of clear plastic rod to represent the traffic light lens and drill it from the side to insert the tiny LED, paint the rod red and hope it flashs up like the real thing :)


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