2014_05_21 Update

2014_05_21 Update

Just a small update.
The frustrations of my G Class and the Train Builder N Class have been weighing me down! So both projects are in the clipper bins which not only keep them fresh (TM), but guarantee their various parts are not lost.

It was something I had to do, and it has helped. For about the last 5 days I have suffered sinus and a runny nose, that much so, that I could do little more than lay on the couch with tissues jammed up each nostril to stop the constant dripping. Occasionally, the odd bit of relief, allowed me back into the shed and I managed to lay another 10 meters of track.
I have reached the House Creek area of Wodonga and only have the Wodonga Station area to lay to complete my first BG track on the bottom level. This will indeed be a great day when the track is finally connected. However my drawings need fixing and I need to sort out my main line connection to the shed and the turn table before advancing further.

When I tried to run the first train through on the new track I found several new shorts. I spent about two hours last night unplugging cables to locate the source of the short. Although the track has not yet connected the full loop (which would create a reversing loop) The power cables underneath in fact might be causing the short.
I know that once the Wodonga Station is connected in, I will have to  fix the reverse loop wiring, but will have to discover why I suddenly have multiple shorts at the moment. Hopefully my nose has repaired itself, and I will get a few hours in the shed and fix it today.

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