2014 June 15 She is through Wodonga!!

 2014 June 15 BG connection made, finally.

At 1252 the last spike was placed in the run round road through Wodonga. All droppers are placed ready to connect into the bus :D
Should be a simple job wiring it in, because the point motors, juicers and control switches (points) are built all ready to cut into the facia...

Wooooooeeeeeee!   Long time coming and now its ready tonight, perhaps to run several trains round the very big loop about 94 meters from platform and around both levels and back to the platform

Edit Actually just noticed the through road was connected in as well :)  Seems I was through at least an hour or two earlier ;)

So just need to cut and secure the Platform road. Then solder in 6 more droppers.
Connect 5 juicers and 3 more control switches as well as connect the droppers to the bus.
Guess that's about 4 hours work, at my pace :)



  1. Ahh Belvoir reached at last. Welcome Oh sire to 1873 :)
    some 140 yuears behind the times Rod. So sorry mate had to put in my 5 centimes worth :)

  2. Your right Geoff, and then I look at how much work is left, and wonder how much time is left to finish or even run it ;)
    But then again, it has a medical benefits. I am definitely fitter than my non model railway friends :)


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