2014_07_18 The Day the Russians Shot down another Passenger Airliner


My heart goes out to the people killed and their families Hopefully justice will not be denied.

on the model I will simply show pictures of Honeysuckle  which is to become the branch line Terminus.

This layout was built by Tony Kociuba to demonstrate McKenzie and HOlland signalling systems, and is in working condition. A little bit outdated for its original purpose, but should fill an empty space on my large layout. To the right of the picture you will see two unpopulated modules which sit between the two ends (end +new+middle+new+end)


  1. Hi Rod I hope you're managing to stay warm.
    I was wondering where the levers used in this module came from. I can see there are 2 differnt types. I refer to the ones in the second and third images.

    1. Hello David,
      Tony actually builds them for customers and that was the purpose of the layout, to show people what they are and how they are interlocked.
      I must warn you though, that these signal frames are very expensive, and hundreds of hours can go into a project. A typical project consists of a frame big enough to operate your station, all signals, servo motors and Tony personally installs them on your layout for you. This way you learn how to use them, and not break them. Tony is very serious about this signalling project and has been responsible for installing a large number of frames over the years. I believe the Exhibition layout Bolivia has several frames on it. Jokingly I asked Tony if he had a 60 month low interest rate loan to help with the purchase. But he does trade railway memorabilia and HO brass locomotives for his services :)
      You can contact Tony here http://www.mckenzies.net.au/links.htm


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