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My mods to the Austrains G Class

The bottom board is fine (My V/Line G's do not have ditch lights) But the top board breaks all the rules with one wire an Andode + for one LED and a Cathode - for the second.
I kept the resistors
attached but cut the join on the -ve side and added wires to enable the tsunami  in this engine.

Here you can see the negative Cathodes are connected wtf?

Back of board just hangs the capacitors on the back of the LEDS

The Led on top is headlight and it is sunny white, much too yellow for a modern diesel. I might change it out for a white one, perhaps move the white one from the bottom board which creates a bright white marker light, should obviously have the yellow light there?
So the negative track is cut.

Just to make sure nothing leaks between the leds I cut these tracks as well. Not sure I had to?

Drill out the board and pull wires through to prevent the light path being blocked when the board is screwed back into the body.

Having got rid of the huge light board Austrains had fitted, I now had room to use the speaker boxes. If you keep the light board you can put those two speakers into the chassis below the fitted speakers, but I found the sound awful and did this instead (It is much easier to keep the Austrains light board, however I now have the marker lights connected to the number lights at eac end. I can run with headlights on and marker/number off for daylight running. Or headlights off and marker / number lights on, parked in a siding? I can have marker lights at both ends or just one end for night time running and pulling a train.


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