2014_12_01 December? but it was just January??
Very hot day with just a little cloud cover after a spectacular light show which was illuminating cumulus clouds brightly, with only an occasional flash of lightning to be seen this side of the mountains,.in pitch blackness last night.

So here I sit 1227 pm and still drinking my (cold) breakfast coffee.  Have fed the grand daughters rabbit and hung out the family washing. Found ants in the house and organized a can of surface spray.

The Studio is still locked up and mate Tony is on his way from Bendigo for the night.
Hardly seems worth while starting another project today :(


Edit 2337 hrs
Well Tony arrived and we did accomplish a few things. We swapped Austrains G Class number and headboards so that we finished up with FA and V/line numbers not released. Suited us both actually :)

Then we fooled around with sound chips Finished off 4483? needing only reapply the couplers tomorrow. Listen to two Alco's destroying the peace. If only we could duplicate the clouds of black exhaust without suffocating ourselves :D
Did not like the Loksound 251 series engine. To be honest it sounds like an EMD with a piston hanging out the side to me. So I substituted the older sounds just because it sounded more like the engines I did remember (to me at least as an EMD driver for VR)

Builder:AE Goodwin
Road Numbers:4401 - 44100
Number Built:100
Preserved -2
Preserved - Operational -7
Scrapped -81
Stored -9
Under Restoration -1
Length:17.81 m
Mass:108.00 t
Engine:Alco 12-251B
Generator:GE 5GT581
Traction Motors:GE731 also AEI253 also AEI254
Power:1455 kW (1950 HP)
Starting Traction:339 kN
Continous Traction:204 kN at 18 km/h
Maximum Speed:121 km/h

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  1. Hang in there Rod! Christmas is just around the corner ;-)


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