2015_05_13 ELNemo arrives with a cold snap

2015_05_13  But that's not all, and looks can be deceiving!!

I am still packing things up and throwing out stuff to make more room.  Stuff I have stored for 40 years, is worthless and will never be used (or missed) has gone in the bin. Hoarder? who me? Well at least I had no trouble tipping whole boxes in the bin, most of the time only roughly checking out the contents. Things like PMG relays 100's of them!  Miles of single core cable which should never have been used in the first place, much less any more. Old transformers and electrical's that just don't have any value any more. All the short offcuts of wood so hard to store, but will make good kindling for the fire. And still another skip full to go :(
All the trains loose buildings and un-built kits are packed away, and the final clean up will not take long to enable me to start on some scenery. Cant squirt white glue all over a populated layout. Backdrops need patching and painting. Scenery needs to be started. So lets go.....

Ah but the subject of the post is deception?  So lets see what that is all about ;)

Now that's a pleasant surprise :D
For those who can wait a ready to run set should eventuate from Auscision as reported here


  1. Their was a time about 30 years ago when I could produce this stuff myself, but although I was happy with my work, it was never up to this standard. Fortunately I was introduced to Dennis Clarke who built and painted my kits for me. I am very pleased that I did not have to wait till Austrains produced theirs and the cost was about the same.

  2. Austrains to produce a RUB set>?????

  3. Ah? you might have missed the "Deception" :) But this one comes as akit from Casula at Liverpool, and another will come ready to run in the future..see here


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