2015_06_25 Lazy Freezing Days of Winter!

Things are rather quiet here at Fernleigh Court.

But the check book is still hemorrhaging :)
Two 4L cans of plastic paint, 1 undercoat and the another Sky Blue.
More filler and a few tools to help get it all on.

Only problem is that the plaster will not dry (over two weeks and balls up when I sand it... It's just too damn cold :( )

I also decided to upgrade my computer to better manage Decoder Pro in the shed, and spending some time getting that up and running.

Got sick of the wiring, so planning a general tidy up whilst I wait for things to warm up a little.

I have a video camera and screen that I want to install so that I can watch stuff on the other side of the Island.  But it will not easily do the job. I found a Chinese company that will sell me 4 wireless cameras that will broadcast a 1080 signal and it offers clear reception in noisy environments as well as obstructed communication over 20 m. Too good to be true, especially as they have daily specials, and today they sold me 4 cameras, with a 10 inch monitor, and a terabyte of hard drive, recording to a 8 track 1080 Digital recorder. Normally $599 but one last superseded model, brand new for $375 (edit). I could have got a 4 camera wired version for $275 and a pack of 4 50 m cables for another $39

I wanted to get the LED light strings secured in place as well as the video cable in the tidy up.
Well now I don't have to worry about video cable, however I will need to supply 1 amp of 5 V Dc to each camera.

So that's about all I have to say Bye for now

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